Forever Meera
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Forever Meera is a collection of poems on love – of self, for the other. More importantly it is the love for life. The life that is spent, the life that we inherit through memories and the life that beckons us with tranquil grace. The poems are both surreal and realistic, images from daily lives, personal connects, the longings and the losses.

Memory plays an important part in the collective nostalgia of the human race. In this collection there are personal memories of the poet – identification with the world he inhabits in real life as well as travels to the other world which is in his imagination.

The poems that deal with the poet’s personal memories are laden with images of wait for a beloved. The lines break down with the poet in anticipation of rejection. But the images never complain. As if this is what is destined, ordained. So, there is no point to complain to life but to accept it and move on. But as the poet moves away the shadows lengthen and so do his reflections. They become faded, they become rusty.

Meera is the quintessential submitter to her beloved, an Indian image of love and penance. There is probably no bigger submission which is spiritual and philosophical at the same time. The poet wishes to attain that level of spiritual submission – not with the beloved alone but with life as a whole that includes his connection with his son, his forefathers, the reality surrounding him, and most importantly with himself.

This journey inwards from the periphery to the heart of the soul makes these poems able to be read with a different connotation. A journey that is forever endless, because the centre shifts every time one approaches it within him.

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By Piu Mahapatra
A book is a space where the poems are kept, on the pages, between the covers. The words are printed, and pages are arranged, but the poems, which when written first are hardly so prim and proper.
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