The Cinema of Tapan Sinha : An Introduction
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ISBN: 9789385252860
Pages: 208
Size: 129*198 mm
Language: English
Book Binding: Paperback

Most serious discussions on Bengali cinema start and end with the holy trinity of Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak and Mrinal Sen. However, no other film-maker in Bengali cinema has bridged the world of high art with box-office success like Tapan Sinha. His cinema serves as the indelible link between the famed troika and their less-celebrated compatriots including Ajoy Kar,Asit Sen,Tarun Majumdar and a few others. Be it classic literary adaptations, satires, swashbucklers, or contemporary social critiques, Sinha addressed diverse genres in his films, expanding the boundaries of cinema within the realm of conventional, narrative storytelling. In their subtle experimentation, their exploration of the various strands of human life, and the belief in the ultimate nobility of the human soul, his films hold a unique mirror to life itself. Amitava Nag’s book provides a succinct introduction to the cinema of Tapan Sinha and the significant place he holds in Bengali and, indeed, Indian cinema.With characteristic erudition, the author explores Sinha’s deep roots in the Bengali cultural climate, mainly music and literature, and how they shaped his cinematic storytelling. For anyone interested in understanding the works of an underrated and often-neglected auteur, The Cinema of Tapan Sinha is the perfect place to start.

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