Written over the years, 16 Frames is a collection of 16 critical articles on cinema analyzing the different trends and intertextualising cinema with the other art forms. The short and crisp articles are multilayered to raise the curiosity of the reader and are likely to...
গত প্রায় দু দশক ধরে সিনেমার ওপর লেখা অমিতাভর বিভিন্ন প্রবন্ধ - কখনো ‘ত্রিবিউট‘, কখনো প্রলম্বিত ‘আলোচনা‘ বা নিছকই বিশেষ কোনো ফিল্মের ‘সমালোচনা‘
Satyajit Ray first placed India on the map of world cinema with his 1955-classic Pather Panchali. In a career spanning nearly four decades and including twenty-seven feature films, Ray is undoubtedly the most-known Indian film-maker till date.
Soumitra Chatterjee’s debut in Satyajit Ray’s Apur Sansar as the eponymous, gentle hero won him international fame. The decades-long Ray–Chatterjee collaboration, in fact, ranks right up there with the best-known actor–director duos
Radha and the nine other stories of this collection are urban fables of a third world city. The characters are normal human beings but in many cases they have to stoop low just to survive.
India is a land of diverse cultures and languages. So is her cinema. There are various genres within the Indian cinema which demands a closer look. This book tries to focus on three such genres and reviews ten films falling under each of them.
এই বই ভানহীন। কবিতায় কোথাও নতুন করে শব্দ খোঁজার কারসাজি নেই, আড়াল খোঁজা নেই। সপাট এবং ঋজু।
শ্রীজাত'র কথায় - "অমিতাভ লেখালেখির জগতে নতুন, তার লেখাও, সেই অর্থে বেশ নতুনই।