Soumitra Chatterjee: His Life in Cinema and Beyond
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ISBN:  9354474527 /  978-9354474521
Pages: 240
Size: 216 * 140 mm
Language: English
Book Binding: Paperback

His Life in Cinema and Beyond, is the first comprehensive attempt to portray the life of the actor in all its facets. It traces Soumitra’s initial years of searching for identities to the final decades when he reached the pinnacle of his career as an actor and an artist.

Written from the vantage point of someone who shared an exceptionally close relationship with the actor, film journalist Amitava Nag has drawn an intimate portrait of the star thespian and his art beyond acting, which will be essential reading for his legion of fans, and for all those interested in cinema.
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By February 17, 2023
The reading list this week includes a study of Delhi’s “hybrid half-century” when the Mughal regime overlapped with that of the East India Company
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By March 31, 2023
Amitava Nag is an independent film critic, film scholar and author based in Kolkata. He has already authored several books on cinema both in Bengali, his mother tongue and in English.
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By March 04, 2023
For someone who didn’t know of Soumitra Chatterjee till fairly late in life, I fell under the actor’s spell pretty fast.
By April 08, 2023
There is perhaps hardly anyone better equipped to write this book. Amitava Nag is a well-known commentator on Bengali cinema and has previously written on the films of Ray, Soumitra Chatterjee’s oeuvre beyond Ray’s films, and a biography of Tapan Sinha.
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By February 02, 2023
Amitava Nag is arguably Bengali acting legend Soumitra Chatterjee’s most dedicated chronicler.
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By April 24, 2023
The year was 2010. The news magazine I worked for was doing a cover story on celebrated actors, who, accustomed to always being in front of the camera, would go behind it for a change and click a photo that would symbolise for them the idea of life.
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